Terms: Solicitor Enquiry Offer

Terms: Solicitor Enquiry Offer

Offer Terms

The offer applies when the legal fees you have spent on family law legal advice reach £500 (excl. VAT) and have been spent with one law firm that you enquired with via Wiselaw. This offer does not apply if you have already been in contact with the solicitor or law firm before sending an enquiry via Wiselaw. To be eligible for this offer, you must have opted-in to this offer via the tickbox on the Wiselaw enquiry form when you first enquired. You must make an eligible claim for this offer within 60 days of your first enquiry being submitted via Wiselaw. If you submit a subsequent enquiry via Wiselaw after your first enquiry, the 60 day expiry period will commence from the date of your first enquiry. This offer is limited to one payment per person/claimant.

Before claiming the offer, you will be required to ask your solicitor to answer some simple Yes/No questions to Wiselaw that the above conditions have been met.

In some rare cases, it may be necessary for Wiselaw to pay the £50 directly to the law firm you have instructed and for the £50 to therefore be deducted from your legal fees.

Please note that this offer is funded entirely by Wiselaw and is provided entirely independently of the law firms listed on Wiselaw.

How to claim this offer

To claim this offer, please email offer@wiselaw.co.uk providing the name and email that you used when enquiring as well as the reference number of your enquiry (sent to you by email when you enquired). Please check that you meet the criteria under the Offer Terms above before contacting us. We will then respond to you asking for some basic verification information to confirm the above criteria have been met, and on confirmation, we will then pay the £50 by bank transfer within 14 days.