About Wiselaw

About Wiselaw

Wiselaw is a not-for-profit organisation that researches, identifies and ranks the leading family lawyers across England and Wales. Our research is exclusively for family law and ranks those family lawyers who meet or exceed our research criteria. We follow ‘real world’ research criteria that includes the lawyer’s depth of specialist family law experience, the firm’s standing and reputation locally, current client reviews and feedback, industry awards, and competitiveness of fees in relation to the firm’s region and the lawyer’s experience.

Wiselaw is entirely independent. Lawyers cannot request to be listed on Wiselaw, our research process is conducted entirely separate to the firm and the lawyer. Wiselaw does offer optional additional paid-for benefits as part of a sponsorship package, but only to lawyers and firms that are already ranked.

Focus on family law

Divorce and family legal issues are perhaps the most emotionally charged areas of law. Members of the public who require a family lawyer are faced with finding and selecting a lawyer at a particularly stressful time.  This is coupled with the fact that most people who require a family lawyer have never needed to use one before and have little to no frame of reference to help them choose the right lawyer for them. Wiselaw therefore gives prospective clients the ability to clearly see who the most talented and highly regarded family lawyers are in their area and view those lawyers in a jargon-free and easy to use set of rankings.

Focus on local

The Wiselaw rankings are broken down into numerous location pages. Each location page then displays the family lawyers who are based in that location and who have met or exceeded our research criteria for inclusion. Each of our location pages focuses on a niche area, town or city, so any prospective clients can find a lawyer that is genuinely close to their location.

Funding Wiselaw

Wiselaw is a not-for-profit organisation which means that we do not make a profit and all funds generated are invested into Wiselaw in order to continue the management and updates of lawyer rankings and maintain the overall online service. Our funding comes from our most highly-ranked firms that can choose to sponsor individual location pages.

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