Information for Lawyers

Information for Lawyers

Wiselaw is an independent not-for-profit organisation that researches, awards and lists the leading family lawyers in the UK. Our service provides prospective family law clients with a means of choosing the most accomplished and most experienced family and divorce solicitors in their local area.

We conduct a continuous research cycle using our comprehensive assessment criteria to identify stand-out and proven family lawyers. Lawyers are then awarded a Wise Choice Family Lawyer badge and for their firm, a Wise Choice Family Law badge. The badges can be displayed on the firm’s website so prospective clients intuitively know know the lawyer is a trusted and experienced specialist in family law. Each awarded lawyer is then listed on the Wiselaw website, which is page-one listed in the search engines across the UK, and used by clients every day to research who to choose in their local area for their family law or divorce issue.

As a not-for-profit initiative we invest all profits into maintaining and promoting Wiselaw listings for the benefit of the lawyers who take part, whilst keeping our fees exceptionally low.

How is Wiselaw Different?

Wise Choice BadgesWiselaw is unique to family law, with a mission to help the best family lawyers differentiate themselves and gain quality clients in a cost-effective way.

Our model is based on each firm paying a small fee, which we combine into a single budget to leverage substantial economies of scale and provide far greater exposure for each lawyer than if they invested the same amount alone. Wiselaw does not replace any existing promotional efforts a firm may undertake, instead the awarded lawyer and their firm benefit from gaining significant additional exposure, differentiation and ultimately more clients, for minimal investment.

Wiselaw is also entirely independent and impartial. Lawyers have no influence over whether they are awarded and listed. Our assessment process is conducted by professional researchers, working entirely separately to the firm and the lawyer. The Wise Choice badges and Wiselaw listings are therefore trusted means for clients to make a straightforward selection of family lawyer at what is typically a stressful and emotional time.

Wiselaw issues ‘Smart’ Wise Choice badges that dynamically update to display the current month and year when published on the firm’s website. This ensures badges remain relevant and up-to-date for all visitors who see them.

How Wiselaw Works

Wiselaw continuously researches the UK’s family lawyers and their firms. When a family lawyer meets or exceeds our criteria for being listed on Wiselaw, the following process begins:

Temporary listing

A lawyer who meets or exceeds our research criteria is initially awarded temporary listing status and is added to the Wiselaw listings page for their local town or city. They are then immediately visible to prospective clients who use our listings pages every day to research and select a local family lawyer.

Permanent listing

Lawyers with a temporary listing are invited by Wiselaw to upgrade to a permanent listing. Upon doing so, the listed lawyer will receive their Wise Choice Family Lawyer badge and the Wise Choice Family Law badge for the firm. The badges can be displayed on the firm’s website as well as any other materials such as letterheads, leaflets and email signatures.

When a lawyer’s listing becomes permanent it is also given maximum visibility by being moved to the top of its page, rotated with the other permanent listings. Permanent lawyer listings can also display the firm’s logo to help with local recognition when prospective clients are viewing the page.

Any temporary listings that do not upgrade to permanent status within one month of invitation are then scheduled to be replaced as part of the ongoing Wiselaw research cycle.

Why Wiselaw?

Greater Differentiation

With numerous local firms offering me-too legal services, a Wiselaw awarded and listed family lawyer can more easily stand out against lesser competition.

A Shortcut to New Clients

Many prospective clients find searching for, comparing and selecting a family lawyer difficult and confusing. The Wise Choice badges and listings are marks of independent validation that take the stress out of searching for a family lawyer. Clients know that a Wise Choice awarded lawyer has been independently reviewed and is therefore a reliable choice for legal advice.

Highly Ranked Listings

Wiselaw’s funding is invested in ensuring its listings pages are highly ranked on all search engines and across the UK. The Wiselaw listings pages are also page-one ranked for search terms most likely to be used by higher quality clients, terms such as ‘best family solicitors ABC-City’ or ‘divorce lawyers XYZ-Town’ along with a growing list of thousands of others.

Cost Effective Exposure

Wiselaw is a not-for-profit with a collaborative funding model. Each firm pays a small fee that is pooled to leverage significant economies of scale and provide far greater exposure for each lawyer than if they invested the same amount alone.

Quality Enquiries

Clients with genuine legal needs use the Wiselaw listings pages every day to shortlist and choose their lawyer or send their enquiry directly from the Wiselaw listings page. To help maintain quality, we also use automated scanning software to quarantine any potentially non-genuine enquiries submitted via Wiselaw before they are sent to the lawyer.

Limited Listings Per Area

The Wiselaw listings page for each town and city has a fixed and published limit to the number of lawyers that will be displayed. Prospective clients typically do not want to be overwhelmed by too many options that are little better than the search engine results or a directory. Limiting the number of listed lawyers also ensures the long-term exclusivity and value to those lawyers who are listed. Once a limit for a listings page is reached, no other lawyers will be awarded for that area unless an existing lawyer is removed (e.g. they retire or move to another area).


Our Fees

Your Questions Answered

What are the criteria for awarding the Wise Choice badge and listing?

Wiselaw evaluates lawyers using real-world criteria including: depth of specialist family law experience, the firm’s local standing and reputation, client feedback and reviews, contributions to industry insight, reported cases, industry awards and comparative competitiveness of fees. Not all criteria must be met and some criteria have greater weighting than others.

Can I edit my listing profile?

All edits are managed by the Wiselaw team, but lawyers can request up to three edits per year at no extra cost. There are some simple editing guidelines that each listing must adhere to, which we will share with you when an edit is requested.

What happens if I choose not to upgrade to a permanent listing?

To keep Wiselaw prices low for everyone, all lawyers who take part must pay the small fee. 100% of profits from the fees are invested into promoting and maintaining the Wiselaw listings. This means any lawyers with temporary listings who choose not to take part will be replaced by new listings during one of our research cycles.

We want the most talented and experienced lawyers to take part, so it is worth noting that the small fee paid to fund Wiselaw will provide significantly greater benefit and exposure for the lawyer than if the firm invested the same amount alone.

How much traffic does the Wiselaw website receive?

The Wiselaw website achieves an exceptionally low bounce rate of 35% and an exceptionally high average time on the site of almost 4 minutes*, demonstrating that our visitors are highly engaged with the site’s listings and content. [*Data from January 2020].

We do not report on the volumes of traffic the Wiselaw website receives. Our focus is on quality of traffic rather than quantity. We focus on gaining visitors who use online search terms that are more likely to convert into an enquiry, either direct to the lawyer or via the Wiselaw website. For example, generic search terms such as ‘divorce process’ or ‘child maintenance’ that are high-volume but low-converting are deprioritised for high-converting search terms such as ‘best family solicitors XYZ-City’ or ‘divorce lawyers ABC-Town’.

Will there be a limit to the number of lawyers listed on each Wiselaw listings page?

Yes, we intentionally keep the number of awarded lawyers per area down to a fair and manageable level. The maximum number of lawyers on each listings page is based on several factors including the size of the town or city and the divorce rate for that area. By placing a limit on the number of lawyers per listings page we can provide a useful list of options for prospective clients without overwhelming them, whilst also maintaining the exclusivity for the lawyers who are awarded.

What happens if an awarded lawyer leaves the firm, are the firm and the lawyer still listed?

In this instance our researchers will make a priority of reassessing the firm and the lawyer’s new circumstances. We do allow a longer grace period for the firm to appoint a replacement and for the moving lawyer to establish in their new firm. The firm’s new appointment and the lawyer’s new firm will need to meet our research criteria and assuming they do, they will remain published and will have their listings updated at no extra cost.

Can one lawyer be listed on more than one Wiselaw listing page?

In some rare cases, yes. The lawyer would need to demonstrate that they meet clients at the office locations in question. Typically, the primary office location for a lawyer would take priority in the Wiselaw listings over another lawyer’s secondary office location.

Contact us

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