Should I Tell My Divorce Solicitor Everything?

In addition, the vast majority of court hearings are conducted in private, meaning disclosures and information should also remain private.

Disclosing all information relating to your divorce is particularly important when it comes to financial matters. Ensuring that all information is provided is essential when ensuring that any settlement is fair to both parties. In addition, any failure to disclose financial information could lead to an order being overturned in the future.

What if I think my ex is not telling their solicitor everything?

If you believe that there are items your spouse is not disclosing, your first step should be to contact your legal representative and ask that they request disclosure.

If this is not successful, you can apply to the Court and provide evidence to support your accusation that your spouse is hiding assets.

If you discover later on that your spouse concealed assets, you may have to make a new application to the Court.


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