Fixed Price Divorce Explained

Do all firms have to offer fixed fee divorce?

No, though in recent years, fixed fee billing has become more common. According to a recent survey, 74% of those firms surveyed mentioned alternative pricing models on their websites. There is no obligation on any firm to offer fixed fee divorces, however, to remain competitive, most do. Although, the cost of the fixed fee and what is included within it vary from firm to firm and the area of the UK the firm is situated.

What is typically included in a fixed fee divorce?

  • If you are the applicant or joint applicant, completion of the divorce application
  • Advice on the divorce process
  • Advising following the Conditional Order and Final Order
  • Correspondence between you and your spouse, and the court
  • Overseeing the divorce process and keeping you updated throughout

It is important to check with your solicitor what is included within your package. The above list indicates what is included but is not a rigid set of criteria.

As a general rule, the fixed fee approach applies to straightforward divorces where both parties agree. If however, disagreement or other complexities creep in to the process from either spouse and the solicitors are required to correspond with each other to resolve those issues, then this work will typically be outside of the fixed fee.

What is not typically included in a fixed fee divorce?

  • Any court fees, such as the issue fee for the divorce application, or process server fees
  • The cost of obtaining a copy of the marriage certificate (if you do not have it)
  • Enforcing a costs order
  • Court representation (although, in practice, almost all divorce cases are dealt with on paper)
  • Any legal advice or work needed to resolve finances and the financial settlement or any associated work concerning the family home or pensions
  • Disputes, advice, or work surrounding arrangements for the children (although some firms do offer a separate fixed fee child arrangements package, so it is always worth asking)

The above list is merely an indication and will vary between cases and from firm to firm. If you are in any doubt as to what is included within the package you have agreed, it is always best to contact your solicitor and ask them to explain it further to you.

Can the firm be forced to keep to the fixed fee they quoted?

Solicitors are subject to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Price Transparency Rules. These rules require firms to publish their prices and service information on their website. The rules were introduced to assist potential clients make an informed decision about their choice of solicitor. The reality is, that even where fixed fee divorces are provided, they can be challenging to implement in cases which can be unpredictable or complex.

Your solicitor should keep you advised of the cost, usually at milestone events, such as issuing a divorce application, or Conditional Order stage. And if there is any indication the costs are going to exceed the fixed fee, they should give you reasons together with a revised cost estimate. You can then make an informed decision about whether to continue.

In most firms, the fixed fee will have been carefully calculated, but as a matter of good practice, at the outset of the case, a solicitor should also give you a costs estimate based on the proposed work to complete your case, and full details of their complaint’s procedure. If you do not receive a satisfactory response, then you can make a further complaint to the SRA.

Making a fixed fee divorce work for you

A fixed fee divorce is suited to anyone seeking a divorce who has a genuine desire to benefit from the expertise of a solicitor whilst managing the cost. It allows you to better plan and manage your expenses, giving you the benefit of:

  • Predictability – the costs of the divorce are known in advance and won’t give you any surprises at the end.
  • Peace of mind – there is no need for you to be concerned about the hours ascribed to seeing the divorce through to the end mounting up because they are already built into the cost of the fixed fee
  • Expert guidance – a fixed fee forces a solicitor to reflect upon their strategy, steering them towards a more collaborative approach.

If you are still confused about how the fixed fee process for your chosen solicitor will work or what it entails, most offer an initial fixed fee consultation or free consultation and will be more than willing to talk you through what you can expect and to help you through every aspect of your divorce.

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