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How do you deal with a nasty divorce?

Having to deal with a “nasty” divorce is unfortunately more common than it should be in these days of no-fault divorce. But then, a relationship rarely breaks down in a vacuum, so it is only natural to want to blame another. In this article, we look at some…

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What side jobs can I do after my divorce? Here are 22 examples

After divorce, you could find yourself living on significantly less income than you did during your marriage. But whatever your reason for wanting to bring more money into the home, a side hustle may be the answer. Here are some examples to get you thinking.

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Can I adopt my stepchild without the father’s consent?

A sense of identity is considered to be a crucial part of a child’s wellbeing, so step-parent adoption is, on the whole, to be welcomed. There are many reasons someone may want to adopt their stepchild, not least to show commitment to the family unit and to make…

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Do I need a consent letter to travel with my child

Travelling internationally with the correct paperwork can help ensure your trip runs without a hitch. But before children can travel abroad with one parent, they may need to fulfil certain requirements set by immigration officials of that country, which can vary. In some cases, verbal consent may be…

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Does living away from the child affect joint custody?

One of the most common issues faced during separation or divorce is the relocation of a parent. Perhaps one parent wants to move away with the children, or the other parent is moving away for work. Distance can place an additional strain on an already fraught situation. But…

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How do I find my spouse’s hidden bank account during divorce (UK)?

When separating, the temptation for some spouses to hide certain assets from their ex-partner is irresistible. These range from high end luxury items such as expensive pieces of jewellery, to finances held in offshore bank accounts or shares. In most cases, couples are open about their finances. However,…

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Can you divorce your partner without them knowing?

There are certain circumstances where you can divorce your partner without them knowing. If a spouse is unaware of where the other lives, and they are unsuccessful in finding them following a comprehensive search, they may be allowed to end the marriage or civil partnership. However, if the…

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My ex and I can’t agree on what age our child can be left home alone

You may be surprised to learn that the law does not set a minimum age when a child can be left home alone. So what are the circumstances when a child can be safely left unsupervised, and what if your ex disagrees? It is however against the law…

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What happens if you can’t agree on the property value during divorce?

For most couples who divorce, their main asset with be the family home. So it is important to establish its value as soon as possible when you separate, because it is an essential factor when determining the financial settlement. But what happens if you cannot agree on the…

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Can the father’s name be removed from the birth certificate?

Because a birth certificate is a historical document, the UK law states that the biological father must be recorded on every birth certificate as a matter of public record. Therefore, changes can only be made in limited and specific circumstances. Although it is possible to remove a father…

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Is financial disclosure required for divorce?

If you are in the throes of separating or getting divorced, you will usually, at some point early in the process, hear the term “financial disclosure”. But do all couples disclose their financial situation, and if not, are there consequences for not doing so? In this article, we…

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Is an online affair considered to be adultery?

It has never been easier for people to connect and interact with others, and with the increased use of social media platforms and dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, your partner could be sat next to you on the sofa whilst conducting a torrid virtual affair. Sexting,…

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