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Who loses most in a divorce?

Who loses more from divorce: men or women? Perhaps it’s the children. The effects of divorce and gender differences extend into a range of areas including changes to economic circumstances and status, health and wellbeing, domestic arrangements, and social relationships. We look at the facts and examine who…

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What happens if I change career during divorce?

Individuals in the process of divorce will already be experiencing tremendous changes, so it is not unusual for them to use it as the catalyst for reassessing the rest of their life. Changing your job might be necessary for financial stability, but it may also represent a part…

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Is my wife/husband entitled to half my compensation pay out?

When a couple divorce, they will need to give thought to the financial claims they may make, and this includes awards of compensation acquired through claims made in other proceedings, such as damages for medical negligence or personal injury. But how much is your spouse entitled to if…

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What happens if you can’t agree on a divorce settlement?

If you are divorcing your spouse or going through a dissolution from your civil partner, sorting out assets and dividing the family home is part of the process. But as you will see, it is really important to put every effort into reaching a financial settlement without ending…

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Can a solicitor take over my divorce if I have acted for myself?

Whilst a divorce itself is relatively simple for an individual representing themselves to obtain, sorting out a financial settlement or dealing with a dispute regarding children can be fraught with complications. With cuts to legal aid over recent years, an increasing number of people are using a more…

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What are the punishments for lying in family court?

Honesty underpins legal systems throughout the world, and family courts in England and Wales are no exception. Witnesses take an oath that they will tell the truth by affirming or swearing on the bible or other religious text. Court documents signed as part of the case include a…

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Explained: DNA testing in family law

When you think about DNA testing, the first thought that probably springs to mind is paternity tests, since it is for this reason they are most commonly used. If there is a disagreement about a child’s paternity within family law proceedings, the court has the power to order…

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What are the legal risks of having children without getting married?

With the number of marriages and civil partnerships dwindling over recent years, there has been a steady increase in the amount of children being born to unmarried couples. In 2021, and again in 2022, births taking place outside of marriage outnumbered those within marriages – 51% to 49%.…

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What are the benefits of a fact finding hearing?

In children cases, it is extremely common for factual disputes to arise, and allegations to be made by the parties. Where this happens, the court must take care to assess such matters, which, if found to be true, would impact on the welfare of the children concerned. A…

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Psychological assessments in family proceedings: what to know

Sometimes mental health issues can make it more difficult for a parent to manage caring for a child. A better understanding of a parent’s psychological wellbeing may help the court or children’s services when deciding about a child’s care. It may also provide insight into the nature and…

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Is there a penalty for fraudulent non-disclosure in divorce?

It is imperative during divorce proceedings, if a fair and reasonable financial settlement is to be found, that each party makes full and frank disclosure of their income and assets. However, cases still reach court fairly regularly where allegations of hiding assets are made. So what amounts to…

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Does divorce change my lasting power of attorney?

Divorce impacts all aspects of life and requires a re-balancing of affairs, so updating a will and considering the status of an LPA after divorcing is vital. A lasting power of attorney (LPA) allows an individual to appoint one or more people to make decisions relating to finances…

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