The rise of the divorce party: 15 divorce party ideas

Whilst receiving your final divorce order probably seems like an ending, it can also be the beginning of a positive new chapter. Increasingly, people are celebrating moving on with their lives by throwing divorce parties. A divorce party should be empowering and fun, not an excuse to down-talk your ex, so say goodbye to your wedding dress or ring, but keep the mood upbeat and positive. Here, we set out 15 unforgettable ways to make turning that next page memorable.

15 ideas for your divorce party

  1. Go on a weekend break – gather a group of your closest friends and family together and go on an adventure. It doesn’t have to be lavish, just a simple Airbnb (other letting platforms are available) in a City with good nightlife or somewhere quiet by the coast. Why not enjoy a staycation and host a BBQ? Whatever takes your budget and your fancy.
  2. Visit an escape room – combine this with a trip to your favourite bar, and you have the basis of a great night.
  3. Take a cocktail masterclass – what could be a better way to embark on your new journey than creating your own cocktail to toast bon voyage? Head to the nearest cocktail bar or book an at-home masterclass with a mixologist. Trying new flavours and enjoying the experience with your nearest and dearest has all the hallmarks of a great interactive party.
  4. Go axe throwing – and take your frustrations out on a length of timber; letting a little aggression out can be very healing.  These venues don’t tend to serve alcohol on the premises and operate a strict no alcohol and drugs policy prior to throwing.
  5. Throw a house party – put together a memorable playlist, order pizza and dance the night away. Add some board games if this is your thing, and drinks too, and you have the recipe for a fantastic night.
  6. Host a retro sleepover – take yourself back to the easy-breezy days of childhood with a slumber party. Plenty of popcorn, sweets, movies, lay out the sleeping bags and talk the night away.
  7. Go camping – if your style is “back-to-nature”, then a camp-out adventure may be for you. Gather your tent and camping supplies and set up a base for exploring the area; add in a few campfire songs and toasted marshmallows and you’ve got the perfect way to usher in a new beginning.
  8. Book a pamper day – head to the spa as a special treat. Book a facial, a massage, manicure, or pedicure. Whatever you choose, it is a lovely way to relax and unwind after what may have been a stressful time.
  9. Take a cookery class – comfort and food always go together. Did your ex hate spicy food and you loved it? In every relationship, something is almost always given up to please the other. Why not learn how to cook a Mexican or Indian dish to perfection, then you can cook and eat it every day until you get fed up?
  10. Make a post-divorce bucket list – everyone has to compromise when they’re in a relationship, but this also means not doings some things you wanted to do because your ex didn’t. Now you’re divorced, you can resurrect all those old, neglected hobbies and plans, and add them to your post-divorce bucket list. From eating at a restaurant your ex detested or watching all those movies and TV shows you missed out on, now is your opportunity to catch up.
  11. Host a redecorating party – did you unadvisedly let your ex choose the décor in your home? Well, now is the time to get out your magnolia-encrusted roller and dustsheets and transform your environment.
  12. Book a rage room – sometimes referred to as a smash room; it’s where people can vent their anger by destroying objects in a safe and legal environment. A quick 15 minutes demolishing toasters and TVs with a bat or hurling dinner plates at the wall is a great way to relieve stress.
  13. Comedy club – hopefully the humour will make you forget your own grievances.
  14. Exercise it out – exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy. Get your body moving and turn stress into sweat with a group fitness class, like boxercise, yoga, or a boot camp.
  15. A giant ball pit party! – one venue in Newcastle is actively promoting its ‘divorce party with a difference’ hosted in their giant ball pit and with bottomless drinks. Not for the feint hearted.

Lastly, it’s wise to ensure that however you celebrate, keep it fun and positive. Don’t perhaps follow in the footsteps of one lady in Nottingham who chose to celebrate her divorce via a public burning of her wedding dress. Perhaps better to donate it.


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