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Ayesha Vardag

Vardags  |  Central London

4.8 score
246 reviews
One of the country’s most widely known and highly respected divorce and family lawyers, Ayesha Vardag has a formidable record in family and matrimonial law…

Simon McKirgan

Vardags  |  Central London

4.8 score
246 reviews
Renowned for his razor sharp intellect, forensic approach to financial disputes, and his exhaustive knowledge of the law, Simon is one of the most highly regarded divorce solicitors and international family lawyers in the UK…

Mark Heptinstall

Slater Heelis  |  Manchester

4.9 score
1303 reviews
Widely lauded as a leading family lawyer and divorce solicitor with a strong reputation for proactive and tough negotiation, Mark heads up the family law department…

Charlotte Beck

Slater Heelis  |  Central Manchester

4.9 score
1303 reviews
An exceptionally sharp, knowledgeable, and committed family law specialist and Partner, described as a lawyer “at the very top of her profession”…

Joanne Major

Major Family Law  |  Newcastle & North East

4.9 score
314 reviews
A highly acclaimed, no-nonsense, astute, and strategic family lawyer, Joanne commands huge respect in the field of family law and draws clients in like a magnet…

Sam Carter

Major Family Law  |  Newcastle & North East

4.9 score
314 reviews
Combining expertise, confidence and consistent case success, especially in children cases, Sam is recognised as a first-class advocate and family law expert…

Hannah Magee

Robertsons Solicitors  |  Central Cardiff

4.9 score
268 reviews
A highly accomplished family lawyer and divorce solicitor who is consistently recognised in legal publications such as The Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners…

Chris Barber

Robertsons Solicitors  |  Central Cardiff

4.9 score
266 reviews
A Director in the Family and Matrimonial team, Chris is an expert no-nonsense, yet personable family solicitor with an incredible amount of experience…

Jemma Slavin

Stowe Family Law  |  Bristol

4.4 score
1445 reviews
Jemma is one of the most highly regarded and respected divorce lawyers and family law solicitors in the region and a Director at this specialist family law firm…

Joanna Newton

Stowe Family Law  |  Bristol

4.4 score
1445 reviews
Shortlisted for Lawyer of the Year by The Bristol Law Society, Joanna is described as “an exceptional family lawyer” who “combines a straight-talking and focused approach with empathy and compassion”…

Christopher Price

Tayntons Solicitors  |  Gloucester

4.5 score
200 reviews
A highly regarded Head of Family Law and a Partner at this specialist family law firm, Christopher has an excellent reputation in the handling of relationship disputes and family matters…

Jane Brothwood

Hughes Paddison  |  Cheltenham

4.3 score
24 reviews
Jane is a highly regarded family solicitor who provides extensive expertise to her clients in a straightforward and pre-emptive manner on all matters, including divorce…

Carline Gayle-Buckle

Moore and Tibbits  |  Leamington Spa & Warwick

5.0 score
171 reviews
Highly valued for her wealth of knowledge and insightful and intelligent approach, Carline is widely regarded as an exceptional family law expert and is Head of the firm’s Family Department…

Judith Wheeler

Thomas Flavell & Sons  |  Leamington Spa

4.9 score
38 reviews
A Director at the firm with over 20 years’ experience in family law, Judith provides professional and personal support to clients facing difficult times following a relationship breakdown…

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Solicitors must present themselves, their skills and their background in a clear and thorough way. Prospective clients should be able to easily understand the solicitor’s profile information and the services they can provide.

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Every solicitor must have received, or be open to receiving, published feedback about their service. This may include reviews of them or the firm, or them having been assessed and awarded by a recognised industry body.

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